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Determined to Provide Reliable Service.

Ventura Broadband acknowledges the importance of connectivity and accessibility to the internet by making it a priority to serve those in rural/hard to reach areas.

We offer high-quality broadband and IT solutions, as well as simple pricing. But further more, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with extraordinary customer service, cutting edge technology and solutions that will guarantee reliability, and consistency in serviceable areas.

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network speed92%

customer satisfaction95%

customer support97%

network stability99%

why choose us

We aren't a large ISP and have no desire to become one.  We simply want to provide ventura county with the best possible service for the best possible price.  When you call or email us you'll be talking to the same few people who set up your service to begin with, we really know our customers and our customers really know us.  You won't find that personal level of service with anyone else.

Our #1 goal is that our customers are happy with the internet service we provide and of course that means it has to be fast and reliable.  We obtain bandwidth from multiple providers with failover and redundancy on our backend network to ensure our customers' service is always fast and responsive.  We added the new 'Business Plan' package for those customers who want higher speeds for streaming video services or downloading large files. We are open to providing whatever speed level our customers desire if there is sufficient demand and we can provide it for an affordable price.

Nationwide mobile carriers are trying to convert customers to their 4G/LTE services and while some of those services can offer high-speeds they also limit how much you can use the service each month and quickly start to charge you extra for going over your monthly limit.  At Ventura Broadband we are strongly opposed to monthly limits and will never institute such a policy.  We believe the internet should be open and free, and that no one should have to worry when clicking a link to watch a video or stream a movie if that is going to somehow end up costing them more.  We feel this is wrong!
Because we provide a great service at a great price, we have no need to lock you into a service contract.  If you don't like our service, let us know and we'll remove the equipment from your home at no cost.  But, if you are thinking of trying something different please let us know first if there is some way we can improve your service.  In reality, the only reason people usually ask us to stop their service is because they are moving away.  Our customers like us and want to be with us, they aren't with us because we are holding them hostage with a contract like many other ISPs do.
No one wants to read through lengthy contracts for hidden fees, but with most of the Ventura Broadband alternatives you really should!  From overuse fees, to early disconnection fees, fees for asking questions on the phone and some even charge you a mandatory fee to remove the equipment needed when you want to disconnect your service!